Mersad Berber

Mersad Berber was born on 1 January 1940, in the family home in Bosanski Petrovac, a Western Bosnian township known for its skilled weaving craftsmen and quality goods.

Mersad started his primary education in Banja Luka in 1946, and from the first grade he impressed his teachers as an exceptionally good draughtsman.

He continued to produce virtuoso drawings and paintings throughout his school years, and his formal art education began in 1959 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljublijana, Slovenia where he graduated with a BA and MA.

Through his career he has created cycles of paintings which chronicle events, tributes, homage and dedications that link to his pre-occupation with his personal reality and his view of the centuries; of Bosnia and Herzegovina, of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires and of Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.


Maiden is a limited edition serigraph of 250 on paper, measuring 17" x 12.5".

MB10001 Price210.00
Maiden - linen:
MB100L1 Price260.00
Equus II
Equus II:

Equus II is a limited edition serigraph of 250 on paper, measuring 17" x 12".

MB10002 Price210.00
Equus II - linen:
MB100L2 Price250.00
Arcadian Dream
Arcadian Dream:

Arcadian Dream is a limited edition serigraph of 350 on paper, measuring 19" x 32".

MB10003 Price330.00
Arcadian Dreams - linen:
MB100L3 Price360.00
Gift of Flowers
Gift of Flowers:

Arcadian Dreams is a limited edition serigraph of 250 on paper, measuring 12.5" x 25".

MB10004 Price220.00
Gift of Flowers - linen:
MB100L4 Price290.00

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