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One of the driving forces of putting this website together is that I've suffered from CFS since 1998, stopping work 2 years later, being unable to struggle through a day. Since the diagnosis have searched for useful information and treatments to try to understand the illness, find a cure, or at least manage it.

It's a little understood illness, however, I have come across interesting information - loads of it anecdotal - and thought to share it, adding in my views and experience.

As yet I haven't found anyone with a practical understanding of the illness, and there's precious little research going on, so no specific test for it, no specific treatment for it, and no cure.

However, though I haven't found the a treatment or combination of treatments to solve my illness, it has become apparent that some treatments do work for some classes of CFS, and it is worth considering them all, some more than others.

So, as you look around the site, bear in mind that the definition of CFS lumps a whole load on suffers together, and individuals will vary in the severity of their symptoms, and different treatments may be helpful. At this stage in our understanding, it's got to be trial and error.

One example would be the discussion on the use of (gentle) exercise. For me, exercise exacerbates muscle pain and overall fatigue (though I would never stop doing a bit of exercise when I can), while there are some whom definitely benefit from exercise.

It would be nice to turn all this information into a book, but I don't have the energy, or concentration, just at the moment......

So, a website is the limited way of getting some information together which may be of interest to sufferers and carers alike. It gives me an aim for my researches, because though this isn't a story with a happy ending, I hope that it is of use to you.

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