Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
& Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

This website is dedicated to provide help and information about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and ME - Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or CFS/ME is defined in the UK, a debilitating illness, affecting thousands of people,best replica watches which has no specific cure.

It contains sections covering all aspects of my experience with this illness, from information on symptoms & diagnosis, through treatments I have tried, to hope for the future including re-evaluating lifestyles.

It details the techniques I am using now in Latest News, and details books & resources I have found useful, including a "Letter to Friends & Family" which tries to explain just what it's like, when the illness makes it so hard to explain directly.

From my experience, and reading, the illness goes through a number of stages. different treatment. Most start with extreme fatigue, and hours of sleep, moving on to a sleepless stage, and finally settling to a painful stage. Each stage needs to treated differently, and with more sympathy than in many cases.

Being ill, I have little energy or income to keep this going, however, the site is supported by Art is a Tart, the e-gallery selling contemporary paintings, quality greetings cards and gifts worldwide, and I hope you will visit them, and those advertising on the site for UK products (from these links every time, please, as we receive a small fee!), as every little really helps!

For those who are starting out on their journey with this CFS/ME, diagnosis and support can be hard, especially as there is still much out-dated thinking out there, not only amonst the laity, but sadly amongst the medical community, who fail to appreciate the physical nature of this illness and just how awful it is.

However, there are good support associations who can help, IWC Replica watches who have a pack for doctors which can be sent out to help GPs. More information in the resources page.

If you find this site useful, do please consider supporting it.

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